8 Tips for visualising success – using creative visualisation

by Francis O’Neill

8 Tips for visualising success | Steps to Health, Weath & Inner Peace | 1 imageThis article is now included, and developed further, in my mind, body & spirit self-help guide Steps to Health, Wealth and Inner Peace. Get a copy here. This book is also available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, iBooks, Nook and Kobo. [ 8 Tips for visualising success ]

Using creative visualisation

This is the promised follow-on from the Come on use your imagination article. I would suggest you read that article prior to this one – as much for the links as anything.

These tips offer you the foundation to begin creating what you want from life. But — you know the story — be careful what you wish for.

8 Tips for visualising success

One: Draw up a list

8 Tips for visualising success | Picture of a list of itemsDraw up a list of what you want to happen. Write in the present tense as if it has already happened. Don’t make it too long – up to five or six choices. Keep it simple and clear. [ 8 Tips for visualising success ]

Have a quick win in your list – something that shouldn’t take too long to manifest. This will give you confidence. Hone your list until you get it right. This works best when you and what you desire are realistic and in harmony with your own nature. It needs to feel right, feel good.

Two: Choose outcomes that are achievable and recognisable

The outcomes you are choosing need to be achievable and recognisable when you receive them. So wanting a car is an object and easier to recognise, when you receive it, than say wanting ‘more money’ – which by itself beggars what you want it for. If it is money you want though state the amount clearly.

Three: Choose outcomes that you really want

The choices you are making need to be something you really want to happen. Avoid going down the route of choosing something, say to move to another job or country, when you wouldn’t really take it if the opportunity arose. Get in touch with your heart of hearts on this. [ 8 Tips for visualising success ]

Four: Include your current reality

Keep in touch with what Robert Fritz and others would call your ‘current reality’ – where you are (honestly) now and where you want to be at some given point. This helps to create a tension that will help pull you towards your goal – it’s that ‘windsurfer’ experience I mentioned in the first article – Come on, use your Imagination!

Five: Have a time frame for your desires

A time frame is desirable for when you want things to happen by. There is obviously no fixed time limit for a given outcome – it will depend upon you. If something you want hasn’t manifested by a certain time, try to understand why rather than give up on it – perhaps reconsider – approach it from a different perspective!!!

Six: Read and review your list

Read your list, preferably out loud, at least once a day — preferably twice. Try to avoid turning it into a chore or a habit however. It needs somehow to feel fresh and alive each time you do it.

This can be a surprisingly difficult part of the process. Consider (hand) writing or rewriting your list each day to make it fresh, in the ‘now’ to help regenerate the excitement one felt at the start of the process. It can be the same list but say in a different order, or perhaps changing words around. You might also try using uplifting music with the reading, and alternate tracks.

Seven: Visualise

Visualise what you want. When visualising really get into it. You want that house or flat – then get inside the place, in your head. Check out what the rooms look like, what does the garden (if it has one) look like. Picture yourself doing a tour around it. Consider even using props to help you. What is really important is to get into what you are after so that you ‘live it’ and resonate with it.

Eight: Believe and receive

See yourself receiving what you want. As you actually receive an outcome, fully receive it. Be grateful – indeed make gratitude a part of your daily process. Take the item off your list and review your list.

Important note

One of the main obstacles in the way of being successful with creative visualisation will be yourself.

A lot of the reason why this approach may not be working for a person will be due to a subconscious narrative that invokes an, ‘I can’t’ do this or achieve that, and getting in the way of success. Our subconscious mind can sabotage our success. Self-hypnosis can help to change this. [ 8 Tips for visualising success ]

Check out the items on affirmations or self-hypnosis on this website to use in tandem with creative visualisation.

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