The Christmas Past book

Christmas Past book | white tablet 800x96 imageThe Christmas spirit is not what you drink!


Christmas Past offers the intriguing stories behind why and how we celebrate Christmas.

Before you settle down to a seasonal read; consider the following – did you know:

  • Jesus was probably born seven years before the date we have set for his birth?
  • Christmas was celebrated before it became part of the Christian calendar?
  • The “Star of Bethlehem” was not a star after all but a conjunction of two major planets?
  • Did you know: There was an astrological prediction, heralding the arrival of a warrior king/messiah, that was made back in ancient times, well before Jesus was born?
  • Did you know: Santa Claus and Father Christmas are not one and the same person?

Whether you did or didn’t know the answers to these questions, I’m sure you’ll find the exploration around them of interest, food for thought – in  this eBook.

This beautifully compact book contains six commentaries that cover:

  • A Merry Secular Christmas — the way we tend to treat Christmas now.
  • Father Christmas — who was Father Christmas, or Santa Claus?
  • A Merry Pagan Yuletide — what lies behind the time of year chosen for Christmas?
  • From Mithras to Christmas — could another infant birth could have been born at this time of year, and before Jesus?
  • Christmas and Jesus’ Birth — the gospels for their take on the Magi, and the birth of Jesus.
  • Astrology and the Birth of a Messiah — the Star of Bethlehem from an astrological perspective.

Christmas Past book | coffee and slippers 800x96 image

While our Christmas’s have shifted away from the spiritual to reinforcing the bounty of the material side of life, in truth we need the bounty of both. It is not a one or the other situation.

If we entertain the notion that the material things of life are all we need to be happy, at peace with life, then, I’d venture to suggest we are deluding ourselves. We are missing the point…

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ISBN: 978-0-9934626-7-2 (EPUB version)

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