Self-Help Self-Hypnosis

Self-Help Self-hypnosis and Subliminal Persuasion

by Francis O’Neill

Self-Help Self-Hypnosis | Steps to Health, Weath & Inner Peace | 1 imageThis article is now included, and developed further, in my mind, body & spirit self-help guide Steps to Health, Wealth and Inner Peace. Get a copy here. This book is also available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, iBooks, Nook and Kobo.[ Self-Help Self-Hypnosis ]

  • Are you lacking in confidence?

  • Are you uptight, needing to relax more?

  • Are you anxious, having difficulty sleeping?

  • Are you in need of bringing money into your life?

  • Is your memory not what it was, and you want to improve it?

  • Have you tried a number of weight loss routines and still in need of losing weight?

  • Are you in need of bringing more joy into your life, perhaps be more adept at learning?

Self-Help Self-Hypnosis - imageIf you can answer ‘Yes’ to any of these questions then take note of the self -help self-hypnosis, subliminal persuasion suggestions below. You can start to resolve your issues by taking action today.

Help yourself

A simple tried and tested way to go about improving your life is through self-hypnosis or by subliminal persuasion! [ Self-Help Self-Hypnosis ]

How does it work!?

Well put in very simplistic terms, what you think and believe about yourself and your world, influences your actions and intentions and what you then draw towards you.

It is also the case that what you think and believe will be to a large extent driven by your mind at a level below what one would call the conscious mind. In other words it is your “subconscious” mind (note some psychologists still prefer to call it the “unconscious”).

Your subconscious holds years of experience and learning, whether these are good or painful, from childhood onwards. It is this learning that developed into patterns of behaviour that then colour your present thoughts and beliefs about yourself and your world.

It works on the basis of what has worked for you in the past is tried and tested, and, best policy, is to stick to, even though it may actually be also holding you back from success in your endeavours.

This might seem like a well and truly fixed situation but it can be changed.

In order for you to bring about, let’s say, a healthier, more positive dialogue with your world – with real consequences – you need to ‘change the record’ so to speak.

You can do this by using self-hypnosis (open suggestions encouraging a state of self-induced hypnosis) and, or by subliminal persuasion (hidden suggestions, usually placed in music, and given to the subconscious). These techniques really work!!!

By changing your self at this level you change your outlook and what you draw towards you – healthier and more positive conditions.[ Self-Help Self-Hypnosis ]

Steps to creating positive change

Step 1. Get the right program

Although in the true meaning of self-hypnosis you might write your own script, record it and play it back to yourself on a regular basis, it makes a lot of sense to consider turning to an expert in this field to provide the messages for you – so you get it right.

In context you’ll find there are a number of companies and practitioners on the market offering products to help you with whatever you are attempting to achieve. Shop around. Do check out hypnosis downloads in context – they have a great range.

Step 2. How you use

In a way it helps to look at this like taking medicine – for changing your behaviour that is. The program you get will possibly require you to spend some of your (around 40 minutes) time each day to listen to it – but the dosage may require more or possibly less.

If you have access to both self-hypnosis and subliminal persuasion versions for the topic/condition you have chosen, then use the self-hypnosis at night and the subliminal version during the day.[ Self-Help Self-Hypnosis ]

Self-Help Self-Hypnosis | Self-hypnosis for DummiesThe subliminal version can usually be listened to any time during the day, while you are getting on with your daily activities, such as driving to work, using a PC (which is how/when I use it), or any number of activities where you are able to be alone to get on with things.

With the self-hypnosis version you will need a quiet space and time – advice is to do before going to sleep. Whether going to sleep or not, you’ll probably find it most comfortable to lie down for this – and let it all waft over you. If you are like me, you’ll probably nod off anyhow, but that’s okay and an expected outcome.

Step 3. How long to use

The advice is to use the self-hypnosis once a day and use the subliminal version as often as you wish or need throughout your day. It is usual to do it for 30 days before stopping.

A sense of well-being is a common experience with self-hypnosis in general. You can expect results (linked to what you are seeking to achieve) to begin to happen before or after 30 days but this will vary from person to person, and according to how well you have stuck with the program.

From experience I would suggest that, at 30 days, take a break, move onto another program if you have one, or return to the same program perhaps a week later.

Don’t sit on the fence over this, do it! Here’s to your success with entering your new life!

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