A Time for Heroes

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Christopher Foster

A Time for Heroes poem by Christopher Foster

It’s not an ordinary time,
Not an ordinary time at all.
It’s a time for heroes
Those who can face facts
Though they sear like a red-hot iron
From the heart of a Pittsburgh furnace.
Come close you who dare but unless there are
some who do come close
What hope, oh world? What hope, ye lands and
seas and inhabiters thereof?
All will disintegrate,
All will be gone.
“Business as usual”, is the cry of most,
As they draw the blinkers more tightly
Around their eyes,
Shielding themselves as best they may
From the heat of the flame,
Clinging desparately to whatever remains
Of the familiar world
Of yesteryear
Of yesterday.

Others see the doom that is at hand –
You don’t really have to be a detective –
But they pour out their life force in protest
And protest is a deceitful god
That sucks dry the blood of the people
And at the end of the day
Is silent
And helpless
As Baal was silent and helpless.
The infamy has already been wrought
The damage has already been done
The evils already are here
Hunger and inflation and plutonium and a
thousand more
Spawn of human arrogance and selfishness and
The world as we know it cannot survive them
And will not survive them.

All this the hero sees
But he sees something else also
A way
A way through the inferno
A way through the desert
A way through famine and pestilence, war and
A hero’s way
Not a way of survival
But a way of life
A way of strength and effectiveness
A way of assurance
A way of calm
Born of his unwavering love for the One who still
Even in these turbulent times
Is Lord of Heaven and Earth.

The hero goes quietly to work
Needing no chariot
No spear
No audience
No praise
No reward.
His arena is the circumstance where he is
And into that arena he pours himself
And his own indomitable spirit
The building block of a new order
A true order
A spiritual order.
The old world crumbles und the pressure of
what he brings
And out of the confusion and darkness
A new world appears
Filled with magic and light.

A Time for Heroes - image Christopher Foster
Christopher Foster

Christopher Foster worked for many years on newspapers in England, Rhodesia and New Zealand, before finding his way to British Columbia – where he edited a local weekly newspaper – and also became a long time member of the worldwide Emissary community.

After a number of dramatic turns he moved on. He now lives with his current wife, JoAnn, and family in Denver, Colorado.

His book of poems by the same name, A Time for Heroes, was actually written back in 1980 but his words ring across the decades and are as appropriate today as if they were written yesterday.

The book is available through AbeBooks. You’ll find a lot more about Christopher and his spiritual quest on his website: thehappyseeker.com. Also check out his new book, Aging into Bliss.

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