Five inspirational UK Seascapes

Five inspirational UK seascapes and commentary by Nick Cockman. Nick is a landscape and architecture photographer.

1 – Whitley Bay – North Tyneside

Whitley Bay - Some Inspiration image. Five Inspirational UK Seascapes - Whitley Bay

Early morning pre-dawn on the coastline just north of Whitley Bay next to St Mary’s Lighthouse, I used a long exposure here to blur the morning waves creating a tranquil scene.

The soft pastel colours come from the pre-dawn glow beginning to show on the horizon over the sea.

2 – Longsands Beach, Tynemouth – North Tyneside

Longsands Beach - Some Inspiration image. Five Inspirational UK Seascapes - Longsands Beach

One of the most impressive and inspiring sunrises that I have had pleasure to experience, this image was taken on a cold December morning shortly before the sun rose above the horizon out to the left over the North Sea, the bold and warming colours in the dawn skies contrast with the crisp winter air flowing inland from the ocean.

3 – Bamburgh Beach – Northumberland

Bamburgh Beach - Some Inspiration image. Five Inspirational UK Seascapes - Bamburgh Beach

Shortly after sunset on a cool March evening I found myself on the beach just north of Bamburgh on the Northumberland Coastline, out in the North Sea a snow storm was brewing threatening to turn the land back into an white ice covered landscape.

I managed to get out onto a rocky ledge to capture the movement in the rough waves, the storm stayed out in the sea until the following morning when we woke up to a fresh covering of snow.

4 – Crantock Beach – Cornwall

Crantock Beach - Some Inspiration image. Five Inspirational UK Seascapes - Crantock Beach

August in Cornwall is a spectacular time of the year, the best of the summer sun makes photography a pleasure, this scene from the sand dunes of Crantock Beach sums up the best of an evening out with the camera capturing the beauty of nature.

5 – Budle Bay – Northumberland

Budle Bay - Some Inspiration image. Five Inspirational UK Seascapes - Budle Bay

A fierce storm was brewing out over the sea creating large swell off the coast of Bamburgh, this scene looking towards Budle Bay caught my attention with the strong evening light.

All of the birds seemed to be leaving the bay after feeding on the parts of the beach exposed by the retreating tide looking for shelter from the storm in the nearby sand dunes.

To see more of Nick Cockman’s work visit his ‘nickscape‘ website.

If you love seascapes – and prefer to paint them – you might like to check out this link: Oil & Acrylic: Oceans & Seascapes: Discover the secrets to painting waves, open seas, and coastal scenes (How to Draw and Paint)

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