Eric Maurice Clark – Road to Damascus

Eric Maurice Clark - Road to DamascusIf ever I came across a guy on a mission this is him. Back in April 2011 Eric Maurice Clark was walking out of a church in Chicago when he was attacked and stabbed 13 times – and left for dead.

Nearly died

He very nearly did die. Not surprising his life at that point was held in the balance. The fact that he survived death is greatly down to his mother’s care and healing.

This life-changing event, that no sane human being would wish on another, brought him to a crossroads, a major turning point, in terms of his intention, his life’s work and spiritual direction.

But you don’t need me to tell you all about him as you can read about him for yourself in his book, The Experience (Near to Death), and also watch his YouTube video, If I were President.

Eric contacted Some Inspiration to request I might let others know of his work, and I’m more than happy to do so…

He also sent the following message across that I thought should be included here:

The call for inspiring messages

by Eric Maurice Clark

There is a significant need for inspirational messages, and what better time, than now. When we as a people are inspired we do better at aiming toward our dreams and goals. There’s a gift within us all that is striving for manifestation.

If I were President

If I were President is a speech to help encourage and reshape the mentalities of people that may have gone astray due to discouragement. I want the message of self-worth to not only be heard, but I want it to be very well activated in all of our own individual lives. You — yes you — are very important to the growth of society. When you know your purpose then you can be effective in life.

Use your talents

It is extremely vain to be gifted and be inactive in life. Never allow your God-given gift/worth to sit on the shelf, only being viewed and not used. Use every ounce of talent God has so carefully given you.

I also shed light on the power that lies within our thoughts and decisions. You are fully loaded with power and by way of your decisions you can change your destiny, by your decisions.

Lastly, I want to put emphasis on Moral Values. It’s time that we collectively got back to the principles God has instilled into the blueprint of morality. Right will always be right and unavoidably vice versa.

My humble prayer is that something is said that will empower, inspire, and ignite the self-worth that lies within us all…

Take a look at the video or visit his Facebook site.

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