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Francis O’Neill
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Kate Bush – image courtesy Comic Relief/Wikipedia

Like millions of other people I just happen to love Kate Bush for her music and wonderful eccentricity. [ Music for Heart n Soul 5 Kate Bush ]

You know how music tracks can bring up powerful associations. Listening to her music profoundly brings back so many memories of my time spent in archaeology, walks in the countryside, contemplations on life and loves, train journeys to see my family, living in London, the autumn, and freeing of the soul – sheer inspiration![ Music for Heart n Soul 5 Kate Bush ]

So here’s six of her (YouTube) videos. These are all official releases of her work – fabulous! Check out her story too – final video!

Music for Heart n Soul Jukebox imageTurn up the speakers…

Wuthering Heights




Running Up That Hill


The Man with the Child in His Eyes


Hounds of Love


The Kate Bush Story (2014 BBC Documentary)

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2 thoughts on “Music for Heart n Soul 5 Kate Bush

  • 09/12/2014 at 22:32

    Hi Francis,
    Really enjoyed Kate Bush. We watched the documentary about her, very interesting. Shame you didn’t put on Room for a Life, my favourite! Oh well you can’t get it right every time. ????
    Imelda R.

    • 09/12/2014 at 23:11

      Hi Imelda
      Thanks for your comments. Glad you have enjoyed the videos. Sorry about ‘Room for a Life’ not being there. You will find versions of it on YouTube but I don’t think there is an official version. Cheers Francis


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