Love will always heal your heart

Love will always heal your heart imageLove will always heal your heart is one of the tracks from Asher Quinn‘s latest album, State of Grace. It’s an inspiring piece of music, catchy, simple, melodic, with easy to remember lyrics.

The video (on YouTube) is easy on the ear and eye – and has some gentle humour too. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it!

Asher writes about this track:

This song started life just before a concert of mine in Denmark, when I was rehearsing with a friend. My little cat, Chipi, had just died unexpectedly, and my friend Lawrence’s beloved wife of 25 years had also, tragically, recently died.

I practiced on his keyboard, and this mantra and melody came… Suddenly, I had a song, and we then played it at the concert. Within a few weeks I had recorded it with Arno op Den Camp at Kerani Music in the Netherlands, and it went onto my album State of Grace.

I soon hit upon the notion of making a video for the song, and inviting people from all over the world to be filmed dancing, drumming, kissing, hugging and playing… to express the natural child in themselves.

I had many generous responses… Each group and individual is credited at the end of the film, in case any of the activities filmed inspire you. The unifying principle behind one world love is a living connection to our higher self… true love is not possible without it, because from that place proceeds understanding, compassion, and… well… big lurve! Asher xx

Re the title track of State of Grace… If you like Leonard Cohen’s ‘Hallelujah’ I reckon you’ll like this too.

Visit Asher’s website to get hold of a copy of this album

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