Getting High in Dubai

by Francis O’Neill

High in Dubai thumb imageWow, getting high in Dubai – sure looks like an inspiring place for the spirit to soar!

Very recently my friend Lyle, across the pond, sent me a link to some rooftop photos taken of the city of Dubai. These confirm my suspicion that it really is a filmset for a sci-fi movie. Some absolutely fabulous rooftop photos taken by a couple of crazy guys who appear to have little fear of heights judging by some of the shots they were taking. Enjoy these!

High in Dubai image1

Visit this link to see a lot more:

There must be others taking shots

I then got to thinking there must be more fabulous aerial images out there and came across this set:

High in Dubai image2
Visit this link to see a lot more:

Now in that bunch there is an amazing shot (as illustrated) from the very top of the mast of the Burj Khalifa building (well known as the tallest building in the world), and I thought how the hell would anyone get up there to take it – the photo shows a couple of footholds and that is it for over 800 metres down. And then I came across this footage of Joe McNally. Want to know how it is done – check this footage out.

Joe McNally Photography- Climbing the Burj Khalifa

Having waffled on about sci-fi movies I just had to include this – Wow!!! Want to see some real excitement.

TOM CRUISE Burj Khalifa stunts for Mission Impossible 4

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