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UAV Drones put to other than military use

Comments by Francis O’Neill (May 2015)

The following ‘drone on’ videos are pulling in some of the exciting developments taking place in unmanned (and increasingly manned) aerial vehicles (UAV).

I must admit the ambulance drone sparked my imagination on this topic. Providing all the dots can be joined up this looks like a wonderful potentially life-saving idea.

TU Delft – Ambulance Drone

Across the world millions of us suffer from cardiac arrest – and die due to the emergency services not being able to get to them in time.

The ambulance-drone is capable of getting there fast, and saving lives having an integrated defibrillator. The goal behind the project is to improve existing emergency infrastructure with a network of drones.

Uploaded by TU Delft – Project Creator: Alec Momont – alecmomont.com

This new type of drone can go over 100 km/h and reaches its destination within 1 minute, which increases chance of survival from 8% to 80%!

This drone folds up and becomes a toolbox for all kind of emergency supplies. Future implementations will also serve other use cases, such as drowning, diabetes, respiratory issues and traumas.

The World’s First Hoverbike – that could revolutionize the drone industry

See what you think to this drone application…

Uploaded by Mehta Websolution – www.mehtawebsolution.com/

Volocopter VC200 First Flight

Volocopter is promoted as the ‘world’s first green helicopter’

Two years after the first manned Volocopter VC1, the e-volo team presented the two-seater VC200. The first radio controlled flight tests took place on November, 17th 2013 in the dm-arena in Karlsruhe, Germany.

The team were ‘excited about the flight stability, the low vibration and the pleasant sonorous sound of the Volocopter.’

Uploaded by forschungsbuero – http://www.e-volo.com

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