Sheer inspiration: Highliner daredevil walks 1000ft up freestyle, over a waterfall

Wow – watch this!

This daredevil walks 1000ft up freestyle. ‘Sheer’ being the operative word here; Spencer Seabrooke showing us how one can achieve even highly dangerous goals if you put your mind to it. 

Would you perhaps need a special kind of mind however to do this kind of stuff? I think you might! Awesome!

Uploaded by Barcroft TV

Video text: A BRAVE thrill-seeker walks across a highline above a huge 1,099 ft waterfall – without a safety harness. This incredible footage shows daredevil Spencer Seabrooke balance along a thin slackline suspended over the beautiful Shannon Falls in British Columbia, Canada.

Filmed in August 2014, the 26-year-old was taking part in a highline festival which involved athletes from all over the world practising the vertigo-inducing discipline.

The footage also shows fear enthusiasts walking across a giant gully which is part of the famous Stawamus Chief Mountain and includes a precarious 656ft drop.

Videographer / Director: Ben Fraser; Producer: Mark Hodge and Chloe Browne
Editor: Joshua Douglas.

If you want more of Spencer check out this video:

World Record Free Solo – Insane Slacklining!

Uploaded by Moxley

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