Remembering September 11

by survivor Michelle Rosado

Interviewed by Kirsty of KirstyTV (on Google Hangout Interviews)

Image Michelle Rosado remembering September 11In remembrance and honour of 9/11, I sat down with a survivor of the attack of that fateful day. Michelle Rosado was in Tower II of the World Trade Center when Tower I was hit. Today, 12 years after the attack on American soil, we recorded our interview on a Google Hangout as she shared the details of that morning and her journey to healing and recovery. I had never heard an account of the morning of 9/11 in this much detail until I met the amazing Michelle.

She talks about how – ‘It’s ironic that despite how high up we were, we hardly noticed any aircraft overhead. Yet today, we heard this one. The next sound we heard was what sounded like an earthquake, then a bomb. A woman on the Northeast side of our floor screamed, and as I quickly arose from my chair to see what the commotion was, our windows shattered. “What was that?!” I screamed. Someone yelled, “I think a plane just hit Tower 1! Everybody get out of the building!” I grabbed everything I brought in with me that morning (my purse and briefcase), and ran towards the nearest exit…

Looking for inspiration!? Check out Michelle’s Inspiration Within!

You can access more of Michelle’s story, and what this has led to, through her book Pursuing Your Destiny: How to Overcome Adversity and Achieve Your Dreams

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