Ed comment: Doreen D., sent her following story to Barrie Konicov’s company, Potentials Unlimited.  It links to Barrie’s self healing through self-hypnosis program.  It is such an amazing story that I feel it merits being placed here in the Bit of a story.

Doreen’s story – self healing through self-hypnosis

Self healing, self-hypnosis, picture of person writing about itIn the mid 80’s, my husband Paul, ruptured the whole of his esophagus, and they told me he wouldn’t live three days…that nobody ever lived with that!

They operated, but there was little hope!

He was in an intensive care unit (ICU) for 67 days, on life support.  They asked me on several occasions to pull the plug!  I refused…

I bought the Self Healing program from Barrie Konicov and went everyday to the hospital and played it to him, put the earphones on him – he was in a coma.  The doctor told me the nurses were talking, referring to me, they were saying that the ‘poor thing is hanging onto shreds‘, and ‘he will never make it‘.

Well he did!  Eventually, he came out of the coma, and was transferred out of ICU, and was in hospital another 33 days – a total of 100 days.  The doctors told me it was in the American Medical Journal, that no one had ever lived with that!  On the day he was coming home, two doctors came into the room and told my husband, ‘Mr D., if it wasn’t for your wife, you wouldn’t be alive today!  You’re a very lucky man!

It was a miracle..!  I have always been so grateful to Barrie Konicov.  I sooo believe in him! My husband went into the hospital weighing 157lbs – and came home 116 lbs.  Needless to say, it took sometime to regain his strength, and he turned out to be a very healthy man!

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