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by Ross Whent

Article introducing life coaching and where to go to find out more…

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Life Coaching is a term which describes a future focused practice which aims to help individuals achieve personal goals. [ Life Coaching ]

Though there are many different aspects of coaching, the premise of helping an individual to transition from a position they are in now, to one where they are aiming to be, always remains the same.

Help at hand

If you feel as though your life has become somewhat stagnant and you are no longer progressing and achieving as you would like, then life coaching could give you some uplifting assistance.

It can help to improve your self-confidence and motivation, subsequently setting you on your way towards reaching your personal goals that previously felt out of sight. [ Life Coaching ]

A variety of ways you can do this

There are several methods used by life coaches which help individuals to grow, change and ultimately reach their goals.

These methods often draw on disciplines such as sociology, career counselling, mentoring and other techniques such as behaviour modification and goal setting. [ Life Coaching ]

In addition to this, there are many different areas of coaching.

Career coaching, which could help you to achieve job fulfilment right through to relationship coaching, which is used to help couples or individuals to overcome their issues are very popular. There are also areas in confidence/self belief, finances/money, health, spirituality, staff/business and stress.

What all these areas have in common is they are all very important to a individual’s happiness and wellbeing. Some being more critical to than others to different individuals, which makes the differentiation important and necessary.

Also get help via Skype

Life coaching can be applied using a variety of different formats, ranging from sports coaching and business coaching to slightly more niche styles such as motivational speaking.

Most teachers commonly offer face to face or telephone coaching. Advances in technology have allowed coaches to be able to offer more flexibility for clients using internet chat and Skype conversations.

Get lifted!

Whatever aspect of your life you wish to improve it’s likely that life coaching will be able to help you in some way.

Life coaching can be very effective in enhancing your work performance and career opportunities. Or if you simply feel like you’re ‘stuck in a rut’ and require confidence and motivation to move forward you are likely to find the help you need from life coaching. [ Life Coaching ]

To find a qualified Life Coach in your area (UK), visit the Life Coach Directory website.

Ross Whent is the Marketing Executive at Life Coach Directory

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