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 Annie Locke Music

Annie Locke Music. Picture of musician composer Annie LockeIf you haven’t heard Annie Locke’s music you are in for a treat when you do.  Annie is a classically trained pianist and composer, best known for her uplifting and inspiring melodies.  Her albums have been associated with relaxation and associated therapies, particularly in the UK and the USA.  Her current works are: The Living EarthPortraits and Memories.  She has her own record label Inner Harmonies Music. Annie Locke Music

Sample or buy her music

You can sample her music off the following album links – or go directly to music downloads where you buy her tracks and also sample them from there.

Picture of Annie Locke The Living Earth album cover Picture of Annie Locke Portraits album cover Picture of Annie Locke Memories album cover

You can also get hold of CDs off her website. Visit her music page.


Annie is currently finishing a piano album, A Glimmer of Hope. This is against the odds one might say – after breaking both her wrists in a nasty fall, back in 2010…  She’s made an excellent recovery which serves to underline, where there’s a will, there’s a way!

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