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Annie Locke Memories album

Picture of Annie Locke Memories album coverMemories provides melodious music to relax and refresh. It incorporates solo piano and rich orchestral textures on keyboards. Includes long playing tracks intended to allow plenty of time to unwind. Annie Locke Memories album

The theme of Memories, is based on the legend of the so-called ‘Golden Age’ – a time on Earth when everything was perfect and harmonious.  Annie wrote the following words to describe this theme:

There was a time when there was
One nation on the Earth
A time when all people
Greeted each other as friends
And every heart was open
To give and receive love.

A time there was
When animals could place their trust in Man
When the Earth was a fertile garden
Filled with colour, joy and peace
When Honour and Integrity were
The keywords to living.

A time there was
A time there may be
When all will be as it was
                                – and more.

A legend perhaps – who knows – I personally like to think that one day it may be possible for this to become a reality.  Either way, I hope you will find the music on the album both relaxing and inspiring.

Poem, “A Time There Was” ©1988 Annie Locke

Memories contains 6 tracks with a total play time of 52:20 minutes.

Take a listen to sample tracks

  1. Honour (05:40)
  2. A Time There Was (22:02)
  3. As It Will Be [Part 1] (04:29)
  4. As It Will Be [Part 2] (04:24)
  5. As It Will Be [Part 3] (04:06)
  6. As It Will Be [Part 4] (11:39)

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4 thoughts on “Annie Locke Memories album

  • 11/01/2015 at 15:01

    This album is one of my all time favorites. After borrowing it from our local library some years ago I was not able to buy a copy…until now.

    I saw Annie on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, and she impressed me. Her music is beautifully crafted and I find it not only relaxing but also uplifting, I must say the album gave me strength through a dark period of my life. I never tire of listening to the tracks that have soaring trumpets and deep calming bass notes that interweave with the piano and keyboards and climb to a pipe organ crescendo but never leaving its calming undertones far behind. It took me 5 years to get my copy, if you like calming meditative music Annie Locke’s Memories is one to listen to, and I’m sure you will find peace and tranquility in her compositions.

    • 12/01/2015 at 14:50

      Thanks for sharing this Peter. Annie Locke was indeed on Who Wants to Be A Millionaire. We’re glad Memories album has been of such help to you.

  • 09/01/2015 at 14:56

    I can’t believe I may have finally found a way to connect with Annie Locke! I have been searching for her for 20 years! And I have quite a story to tell her about her music and what a life-changing effect it’s had on me.

    The short version is, I discovered “Memories” just after it was released. Since then I’ve used it regularly as my “meditation music”, and each time I’ve listened I’ve let my mind drift, and seen incredible images and visions, some of them remarkably predictive of events that were to occur in my life. In 2004, my health had a real downturn and I spent 2005 on dialysis, using “Memories” to help me through the three day a week, 4 hour sessions. I’ve since had a kidney transplant and am doing quite well. “Memories” is now part of my life, and at least once a week I still “go visit the Music”.
    AM, Chicago, USA

    • 12/01/2015 at 14:47

      Thanks for sharing this Alan. That’s quite a story. We’re glad to be of help to you.

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