About Some Inspiration

Some Inspiration is really a labour of love…

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Francis O’Neill

Coming from a background in ‘ologies’ – archaeology, astrology, psychology, graphology – plus new age music, and for that matter, new age philosophy (although if it is ‘new age’, it began for me back in the early 1970s), with a few years of IT teaching thrown in, you’ll have to agree I’m a bit of a mixed bag of experiences, ideas and beliefs.

In context it is probably time I said one or two things – and this is it!  Well it has long been an intention of mine to provide self-help comments, thoughts, ideas and products on a dedicated website.  In this my partner, the composer Annie Locke, has supported my decision to go ahead.  It also ties in really well with the intention behind Annie’s Inner Harmonies Music website for her music creations. You can also find samples and downloads of Annies music on this site.

Some Inspiration for your journey!

But further the intention of this site is to provide a more all-round service to anyone looking for some thought provoking inspirational nourishment – and a bit of fun too.   With this in mind, the products, thoughts and ideas being developed and placed here are intended to lift the spirit in, I hope and trust, more ways than one…

I hope you find it useful and enjoy looking around!

Francis (FON)
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