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Life and Death making sense of it


A book for all of our seasons

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This is a straight-talking book. It addresses:

  • The spiritual purpose to life
  • Knowing what awaits us on the “Other Side”

The book involves discourse on:

  • Human evolution
  • The growth of consciousness
  • Ghosts and the paranormal
  • Near-death experience (NDE)
  • Past lives of children
  • Karma and reincarnation
  • The afterlife experience
  • Who we are as spiritual beings

So what’s your take on life and the afterlife?

People are afraid to deal with death, and its implications, when they shouldn’t be…

Death is a taboo topic for many of us, and thereby difficult to discuss openly. I argue for the reality of the afterlife, and that death holds the key to understanding life.

Indeed one is a transition to the other that requires an understanding of karma (or what we are now calling the Law of Attraction, but with deeper implications) to begin to unravel it.

Something we avoid…

For probably most of us it is easier to shy away from getting to grips with death — even though we all go through it.

Our reluctance to look at it is rather remarkable really.

But then it’s not, as a great many of us prefer to believe death is final, or that if we survive we fall into some big sleep until the Day of Judgement arrives — which could be sometime never…


In my view, both beliefs are distortions of what actually happens.

This is not just my view though, as it has been known of for thousands of years, so you don’t really need to take my word for it.

From my perspective, it is misinformation, and an unwillingness to look at death,  that is causing so much of the unrest and spiritual malnutrition in the world.

It really is time we all awoke to, and got to grips with, the reality we are actually living in.

The Life and Death book is available in paperback and eBook versions (PDF, EPUB or MOBI). To find our more about it, visit the book’s page.

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